Durbins Lettings - Maintenance

All our properties are thoroughly inspected prior to tenants moving in and, as a tenant, you will be expected to look after the property as if it were your own. However, maintenance issues can arise whilst tenants are residing there and it is your responsibility to notify our maintenance department of any problems during your tenancy.


The responsibility for maintenance issues are not always that of the landlords. As a tenant, you must take proper care of the property and you are required to inform us in good time if works are required, otherwise you could be held negligent if you do not.

Tenant’s responsibility

These are…

Ensure the rent is paid in full and on time each month, Look after your home, dont cause any damage to the proeprty, use any fixtures and fittings correctly (for example not blocking the toilet by flusing anything unsustainable down it), report any maintenance issues to the office in a prompt manner, carrying out minor repairs yourself (i.e changing lightbulbs ect), provide access for any repair work, gas safety checks, maintain the gardens.

Landlord’s responsibility

These are…

Ensure the property has an annual gas safety certificate, an EICR and EPC

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